Glory Houz
Glory Houz
Parapalayam, Tiruppur, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
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Sampling Development and R&D

The samples are made to client's specifications and our innovative creation based on fashion trend in the global market.

Price Negotiation

Competitiveness, Transparency (lite elaborate)

Vendor selection / Order placement

Choosing the vendors according to the product specification and order placement accordingly.

Save time! Get the Best Deal

*Your information is safe with us.

Order follow up

Periodic production status, right from lab test with international accredited lab and quality control at various stages from fabric to Final Random Inspection. (change completely)

Market information & Fashion trend

Periodical market information such as competitor activities, socio-political activities, industrial problems, currency fluctuations etc., will be informed to the clients.

Personalized Follow Up

Frequent visits across the globe to have a personal encounter with the Company's long list of clients ensures instantaneous updating of fashion, trends, developments. (elaborate)